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G. Kellum

Mr. G in 3 Dimensions

G. Kellum is an artist, painter, sculptor, and full-blown Bok legend. We sat down with him last month in his quiet, sunny studio, a space full of graphic and multi-dimensional creations. G., in his signature paint-splattered overalls, talks to us about his mission as an artist, his first tour of Bok, and the woman who motivated him to pursue his passion.


Cambodian American Girls Empowering

CAGE taking center stage

We sat down with Lanica Angpak, founder of Cambodian American Girls Empowering. We chatted about what the organization does, balancing a 9-5 and a passion project, and how you (yes, you) can get involved in their mission.



Gnome is Where the Heart is

We sat down with Gabe, Principal and Design Director of Gnome Architects. He told us about building his business from his home, how he landed Bok, and exciting adaptive reuse project (hey, we know about that!) he's currently working on.



The Parisian in Philadelphia

Artist Danielle Siegelbaum chats with us about her work, how she got to where she is, and why she chose Philadelphia as the place to land.